[TR] Best Year Spitfire?

Chip19474 at aol.com Chip19474 at aol.com
Tue Jan 15 07:59:08 MST 2013

IMHO.....I prefer the last of the "roundtail" Spit's - the 1970 Mark  
3.....the front bumper was raised enough to be a little more effective yet the  
soft styling was still maintained.  The engine was still strong enough to  
have a lot of fun with (pre USA emissions stuff).....
Chip Krout
Delaware Valley Triumphs, Ltd.
Skippack, PA 
1962 TR4  CT2052L
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wsb1960tr3a at att.net writes:

I drive TR's and am not very familiar with Spitfires. I have a  friend at
work looking for a good restored Spitfire. Are any years better  than 
Did they rework the rear suspension at some point to get rid  of wheel tuck 
hop? Any engines better than others? Does anyone have a  good Spitfire on 
West coast that they would like to see go to a good  home?

-Bill in  Tehachapi

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