[TR] Testing OD Solenoid

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Jan 15 00:56:36 MST 2013

> My 
> question to the list is with the ignition turned on but the 
> engine off, I can throw the OD switch and hear the solenoid 
> click on and off, but I see no movement of the plunger.  When 
> testing it this way, should I see any movement or is this all 
> internal and therefore ou would only hear the engagement?

Normally, you should be able to see the plunger pull up into the solenoid.
However with no pressure in the OD (or if the adjustment has slipped), the
plunger may have not fallen back down.  If it is already up, you might not
see it move.  Move it to be sure it is down and try again.

And as Bud already pointed out, check the voltage right at the solenoid with
the solenoid still connected.  The solenoid draws a big wad of current when
it moves, so any little resistance in the circuit (like a dodgy connection
or a bad relay) will keep it from getting the current it needs.

-- Randall 

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