[TR] Triumphs Digest, Vol 6, Issue 19

Carl Sereda carlsereda at aol.com
Mon Jan 14 13:59:40 MST 2013

Hi Keith,
I have the 3 factory versions of TR4 radio plates; 1962, 1963, 1964. Some were
black wrinkle paint, some vinyl covered, with or without a radio. Your's
sounds right, just the way you found it. I'll be using the 1964 version as it
has bigger radio face hole and slots for knobs versus the round holes, giving
best option for vintage or newer radios. I have a picture of the brackets if
'63 TR4 since '74

Another question for you TR4 Original Owners out there. I acquired my 1962
(CT6716LO) tin 1966 with 17000 miles. It had a Triumph radio installed. The
steel bracket that housed the radio (between the bottom of the dash and the
top of the support that straddles the gearbox cover) was covered with a
grained similar to the grain on the dash padding. Moss has this bracket in
flat steel and suggests you can finish it to as needed.

On the other hand, British Wiring has the same shaped bracket, finished in a
black powder coated wrinkle finish "as original"

For you original owners out there, was your bracket wrinkle finish or vinyl
covered? (Also, did yours have a Triumph radio or not? - in case that makes a

As always, thanks so much for your feedback

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