[TR] another polarity ?

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun Jan 13 17:20:01 MST 2013

> I currently have a crane700 electronic ignition on my tr-3 
> with positive ground and am thinking of reversing polarity on 
> it but am not sure how to deal with the coil wiring.  Any 
> suggestions? 

Depends on which version of the XR700 you have.  The early ones were
polarity-specific; to switch polarity you had to replace the box.  The later
ones with the LED on the side of the module could be wired either way.

Here are the instructions, if you are lucky enough to have the later version

Basically, the connections from the module to the coil and pickup remain the
same, but the box has to get positive on the red wire and negative on the
black wire.  That means you will be removing the present ground connection
from the red wire, grounding the black wire instead, and connecting the
original power from the ignition switch (white wire from the harness) to the
red wire.

-- Randall 

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