[TR] Miata seats and A.R.E seat track adapters - for sale

Brad Kahler bkahler1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 10:05:00 MST 2013


I had the seats installed in a 63 TR4.  There was no issue with the soft
top frame and the seat to steering wheel clearance were not an issue.  Not
having seen any other Miata seats or how they fit I can't say whether the
fit was to tight or the same.

The 2000 Miata seat tracks are definitely different than the earlier years
and required more modifications.  The biggest issue was the width.  The
2000 and I assume later tracks had an additional bracket on the side that I
had to cut off using a cut-off wheel in a hand grinder.  Not difficult at
all.  Once those were off the mods to the tracks as detailed on your
website were pretty much spot on.


On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 8:16 PM, Bob <75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org> wrote:

> Brad......... I thought that once you got to the 2000 Miata seats, they
> were too wide for TR6 installation without making some major mods to the
> soft top frame where it mounts to the B pillar. If you got them to fit with
> no mods, let me know so I can update my web site on the Miata seat
> conversion.
> Bob
> Bob Danielson
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> Sorry to bomb the list but I know a lot of people have considered swapping
> to Miata seats in the TRs so I'm hoping someone might be interested.
> I have a nice brown leather set of seats from a 2000 Miata, modified Miata
> seat tracks and the A.R.E (Joe Alexander) seat track adapters for sale.
> Contact me off list if interested.  Seats are located in Richmond Kentucky.
> Brad
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