[TR] TR3 Windshield Frame

Dave Massey dave1massey at cs.com
Wed Jan 2 13:32:01 MST 2013

I have disassembled my TR3 windshile frame which included removing the Tenax
fastners.  I fou8nd that in addition to the two that were missing some more
were epoxied in.  I know there was a thread just the other week about this and
the concensus was to use the through-the-frame fasteners and this is a viable
solution but since I am about to take the parts to be chrome plated I have the
opportunity to fix this in a way that I can avoid that since these may run
afoul of the glass.

Has anyone repaired these holes suitable for retapping.  I think the frame is
made of brass.  If so then perhaps it is possible to build up a bead of solder
and tap that.  Remember that these will go to the plater so any subtle
cosmetic damage can be repaired.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Massey

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