[TR] BBC Drama tries to hoodwink - and fails

John Macartney flywheelcoventry1 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 2 16:20:31 MST 2013

Watched an excellent TV drama programme last night that had a great plot but
was badly let down by the cars used. Sometimes (though not often) researchers
really do screw things badly.
Programme was a two part drama focussing on
Allied and Russian Intelligence services in WW2 early years for part of the
story line and the rest in the early 70's - with some scenes shot in "UK" and
others in "USA."
Okay, the scenery for a small Texas township just across the
border from Mexico adequately conveyed the location but as the "story time" at
that point was 1941, seeing a black and red Triumph Roadster in RHD and a 1946
Austin 14 camouflaged to look like something out of Detroit was hardly
convincing. Plenty of time for a good look on several occasions, so no
mistaken identities.
Programme was called "Restless" for those who want a low
budget production with the wrong cars at the wrong times - but a good thriller


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