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I'm wondering if the butterfly alignment could be a little out of line.
Thinking of pulling them off and loosen & re-tightening them.


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i will post loud and often. :-)
but so far no suggestions at all.

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Please post the successful result, I have the same problem.  I can pull back
on the accel pedal and reduce the engine speed by 500rpm.  Springs are all
good, tight and in the proper slots.  I did notice that a friends 1962
Morgan, TR3 motor, has an additional return spring off a bracket mounted to
the front exhaust mani-bolt.  I can get a little bog when I spray started
fluid at one of the newly re-bushed butterfly rods, but the is no play

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happy new year to all
Since putting the TR3 back on the road I have suffered an idle speed that I
canbt get below around 1300/1400 at best.
that the season is over I decided to fix some things.
When I put the car back
on the road I did not rebuild some parts under the premises of bif it aint
brokeb and i donbt spend cash I donbt have.
Had my distributor
rebuilt by Advanced. Fitted that today.
Decided to work the carbs myself.
In the past when I sprayed a little starting fluid at the ends of the
throttle shafts it would bog down the motor..Just a little. It did NOT
increase engine speed.
I am running the TR4 PCV valve setup. The round pancake type. All new
While checking the disassembled carb body I found the old throttle shafts to
be worn. About 0.010b undersize. But I found the existing bushings to be
only 0.002 max out of round and no worse than the new bushings I had to
replace them. So I did not replace the bushings. Max clearance now from new
throttle shaft to old bushings are from .002 to .0035. I have access to a
very big fully equipped machine shop with excellent facilities for
measuring. Ibm confident in those numbers.
Installed new butterfly valves with the Ground surfaces to mate against
fitted the carbs today also.
Got the car
together today and I have no improvement in reducing the idle speed.
If I
put my foot under the gas pedal and pull it up, I can reduce idle speed by
about 300. it was always like that. adding a spring strong enought to do
that for me made the pedal horribly heavy.
Disengaged the PCV valve to see if
there was an air leak. No.
Squirted starter fluif around the intake manifold. No change in idle speed.
I guess I did not spray the throttle
shaft again! Duh! Will check that Saturday again.
Car runs, but not right
just yet. I think I need to play with the timing some. No power at low revs,
kicks into power at about 2000. I think that I just need to mess with
ignition for now.
Exhaust note has changed though. Sounds like a tractor now and I donbt have
the 2500 howl.
Any thoughts on where to start looking for cause of idle speed will be
appreciated and tried this coming Saturday B Thanks Frank

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