[TR] TR6 Differential oil fill plug

Dave Massey dave1massey at cs.com
Wed Jan 2 06:58:52 MST 2013

 Roadster Factory (and maybe Moss, too) carry a special wrench just for that.
This wrench, developed by Joe Alexander (on this list) with a square hole on
one end for the square headed plugs on transmissions and differentials and a
1/4 inch square hole on the other end for brake bleeders.  This should be
standard equipment in any tool kit.

I don't know if this is the case but if it IS a 3/8 square head you can put a
3/8 socket on backwards (you may have to file on the plug where it has been
rounded off) and drive the socket with a hex key.  Or you can get a coupler at
the hardware store in any convenient size.

Some folks routinely replace these with hex head variety or the hex socket
type.  Not a bad idea.  I have a brass hex head plug on the TR6 transmission.

Dave Massey

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From: robert rudolphi <robertrudolphi at yahoo.com>

Hello All,I went to top off my differential (74 TR6) yesterday andnoticed
there is a square headed bolt that I don't seem to have a socket theright size
to fit. No matter what I used it seems to begin to strip. I waswondering if
anyone knew the correct size and name for the best socket toremove this
bolt.Thanks in advance for any assistance.Robert Rudolphi74TR6

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