[TR] TR4 Part Needed

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You can get the correct rivets.  They are aircraft type, and come in the odd ball size you need.  Chat up a a&p guy at the local airport, or order online.

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I took mine apart too and it was and has been successful. If one is  
sort of working then I'd be fairly sure of success. I think it's  
mostly the result of corrosion of dissimilar metals. Once that is all  
cleaned up it should be good. The rivets are an odd size and I tapped  
the top piece and put in Allen head screws from the bottom. Fresh coat  
of paint few if anyone will notice.

On Dec 21, 2013, at 8:26 PM, triumphs-request at autox.team.net wrote:

> Jim,
> They are somewhat re-buildable depending on the internals. If the  
> coils are toast then so is the horn.
> I was able to rebuild a set by drilling out the rivets and cleaning  
> the contacts. But you have to really be careful on reassembly that  
> the metal disc is not damaged. There is also a gasket that will be  
> toast. You will need to replace the gasket as it offers some spacing  
> so the metal disc will vibrate and therefore produce the horn sound.
> I chose to replace the rivets with 1/4" screws just in case on  
> reassembly the horn did not work.
> Out of 4 broken horns, I was able to get 2 working and after 5 years  
> they still work. For how long who knows?
> I do see them on Ebay from time to time but the price tends to be a  
> bit high.
> Bob
> On 12/21/2013 01:43 PM, Jim Henningsen wrote:
>> List:
>> My horns from my 62 TR4 are toast. Neither work at all.   I tapped  
>> the casing
>> lightly with a hammer to see if I could free up the mechanism.  One  
>> is now
>> working slightly, the other is not.  Are these rebuildable?  Does  
>> anyone have
>> a pair of working horns from an early TR4 that they would be  
>> willing to sell.
>> I am bringing this car back to stock and would really like to find  
>> the correct
>> early horns.  Unfortunately, one of mine was the orig 62 date  
>> stamped horn.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Jim Henningsen
>> Ocala, FL
>> 62 TR4 CT5212LO
>> 62 TR4 CT6431L. The donor
>> 75 TR6

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