[TR] Crankcase Evacuation System for TR3

William Brewer wsb1960tr3a at att.net
Sat Dec 21 13:12:55 MST 2013

     Awhile back I bought a Kas Kastner book on modifying Triumphs. He had a
great idea where you vent your crankcase from the mechanical fuel pump
blanking plate and the valve cover to a port just below the header. The system
would be protected by an anti-backfire check valve. He claimed that if you did
that your engine would not develop leaks. It all seemed like a great idea
until I realized that on a street car all that would happen is that over time
you would fill up your glass pack muffler with oil and probably have a fire...
     It all got me thinking. What if you put a port in on the crossover piece
on the intake manifold? You would vent the valve cover and crankcase to there
and the engine vacuum would evacuate the crankcase. Has anyone ever done this?
Does something bad happen if you do?
     My last engine seemed to have a lot
of blow by from the oil cap on the valve cover and out the engine breather on
the side of the block. I am assembling a rebuilt engine now and wondering if
there is a way to improve it.
     And yes, I know that ideally there
shouldn't be blow by coming out the oil cap on the valve cover.


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