[TR] TR4 Part Needed

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Good backup plan! Thanks, jim

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If per chance you can't repair or find correct horns. You can always clean
up the ones that can be seen under your hood and keep them there even if
they don't sound.  Then hide a pair of functional horns somewhere that can't
be seen.  Good luck!

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My horns from my 62 TR4 are toast. Neither work at all.   I tapped the
lightly with a hammer to see if I could free up the mechanism.  One is now
working slightly, the other is not.  Are these rebuildable?  Does anyone
have a pair of working horns from an early TR4 that they would be willing to
I am bringing this car back to stock and would really like to find the
correct early horns.  Unfortunately, one of mine was the orig 62 date
stamped horn.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jim Henningsen
Ocala, FL
62 TR4 CT5212LO
62 TR4 CT6431L. The donor
75 TR6

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