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Nope - not speed nuts.  And not caged nuts or grommets either.  They have
two loops on the back and help secure , for example the regulator.  I think
Randall understands what I am talking about, but I still can't find any




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do you need more things or are you just trying to fill up the holes?

you will have more holes when finished than you need things.

i think your things might be speed nuts.

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On Thursday, December 19, 2013 2:26 PM, Andrew Uprichard
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Various of the parts attached to the firewall (voltage regulator, fuse box,
starter solenoid) have associated holes which are filled with - what do I
call them? - "things" which then secure the screws which hold the
accessories in place.  I have more round holes than I have these "things".
Does anyone know if they are available (or what they are called) ?  Many
thanks as always.

Andrew Uprichard

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