[TR] Surrey Top Question for TR4

Randy and Valerie DeRuiter deruiterville at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 12 08:29:14 MST 2013


I looked over a beat up TR4 a few years ago which was probably around the same
year (had an aluminum hardtop) - and it did not have attachment points for the
tonneau on the doors.  The factory surrey cars didn't have rear capping pieces
and had different rear bulkhead trim so I don't think its unreasonable to
assume no holes in the doors.


> List,
> If one was to purchase a Surrey Toped 63 TR4 back in the day would it have
> came with the holes drilled in the doors and buttons attached for a Tonneau
>  cover?  Obviously one could not be installed.  At first I thought sure
> they would be there but now I am uncertain.  What say the wisdom of the
> Thanks,
> Darrell

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