[TR] Electric fan and new halogen sealed beam headlights

Chris Simo ccsimonsen at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 07:17:26 MST 2013

It was a beautiful day in Raleigh on this last Friday and I drove the TR4
to work.  It's a good 45 min drive but really great to get the car out in
december without a coat at 6am in the morning.

The drive in was mostly in the dark - but uneventful until I pulled into
the Bojangles drive through to get a biscuit  2 cars back from the
paywindow. I looked over and the ammeter was pegged!

i popped the hood disconnected ground from the battery (I love my little
green knob) and nothing looked bad.  the ammeter was still pegged. gave it
a rap and it went home.   Started up again - looked good until I turned on
the headlights and pegged again. - paid and parked and realized when I
replaced the electric fan controller - I had not connected it directly to
the alternator as I had done before.

I have the fan thermostat set just over the thermostat opening temperature.
and it never got hot enough to kick the fan in during the drive to work -
that and the headlights bumped the ammeter to the rail during startup and
the ammeter stuck. another rap to the ammeter sent it down - but only a
small bit with the headlights and fan on - I am running close to 30 A with
my headlights (new sealed beam halogens  H6024 from Walmart 8.88 each)

I had a good scare for sure. Learned a few things - an Ammeter is a good
thing, My vanity for a clean engine compartment got in the way of better
judgement; People seem to be more tolerant of an old car with the hood up t
in a fast food drive through than I would have thought.   I was really
happy with the light coming off of the halogen sealed beam headlights.

So i'll be playing with wiring this afternoon.  Re-route the power to the
fan (I put an inline fuse in there already!).   I'll order materials to
relay the headlights, It's on my to do list- but I never do it.....


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