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Get yourself a spray can of silicon lubricant and spray all the rollers and
tracks.  If it is a worm-gear type (rather than a chain drive), spray a
little on the gear.  See if that helps.

This time of year when the weather turns cooler, the things start to bind,
especially when they have been lubricated with a grease that hardens when it
gets cold.

Joe C.

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anyone know anything about garage door openers?

mine works some of the time.

the rest of the time it opens maybe 6 inches and stops.  hit it again then
closes.  if I pull the release I can open the door no problem.  not an
issue because I only keep LBCbs in there.

does it just need grease or something?  or should I replace it?  doesnbt
seem worthwhile to pay somebody to do that when supposedly Ibm a mechanic

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