[TR] very off topic

Doug Mathews mathews at uga.edu
Fri Dec 6 13:27:00 MST 2013


Not knowing your brand, mine are Liftmasters...

Does the light blink when it stops too soon.  I'm sure you know if it 
does, something obstructed it.

Mine has an adjustment screw that accommodates  up and down "resistance" 
. It is up on the unit under  a cover panel. I've had to adjust mine a 
couple of times over about 15 years..

Googel thsi term "garage door opener troubleshooting"  and you'll get 
lost of hits.

Let me know how it goes.

If you do not have a manual, you gan find one online.
On 12/6/2013 2:26 PM, Dave wrote:
> anyone know anything about garage door openers?
> mine works some of the time.
> the rest of the time it opens maybe 6 inches and stops.  hit it again then it
> closes.  if I pull the release I can open the door no problem.  not an urgent
> issue because I only keep LBCbs in there.
> does it just need grease or something?  or should I replace it?  doesnbt
> seem worthwhile to pay somebody to do that when supposedly Ibm a mechanic
> <grin>


p.s. I do not use a smart phone so if you email me and do not get a quick response it is not because I am ignoring you. Just not at a computer.

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