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Hi Bill,

You might want to look into an escrow service. Just be sure it's a good one
with a solid track record. An escrow service accepts the buyer's money and
holds it until the seller ships the item, the buyer has received and inspected
it to their satisfaction, at which time they release the money to the seller.
It's a safer transaction for all involved. Ask around for recommendations of
one to handle international transactions.

Beware! Last time I checked, cashier checks and money orders can be
particularly risky internationally... They can take up to a month to clear
(usually clear in a few days when drawn on a local bank) so fakes are often
used in scams... You don't find out the int'l cashiers check or money order is
no good until weeks after you have shipped the item. Then you are out both the
car (or whatever you sold) and the cost of shipping as your bank will deduct
from your account. There is virtually no recourse because the scammers move on
quickly with new identities. This scam especially targets high ticket items
such as automobiles on Craigslist. Beware particularly of "buyers" who send a
check or money order for more than the originally agreed sale price and
shipping costs, and ask you to refund any remainder. They are trying to get
some of your money, too, on top of everything else.

If handled directly (not thru an escrow service), I'd recommend a wire
transfer instead.... as the funds are immediately moved into your account and
your bank can verify quickly for you. Wire transfer might be called something
else internationally. There are several terms for it here in the U.S., too.
This method protects you, but not the buyer.

You might check with your bank. It's possible that they can suggest something
even better. At the very least will have the latest info (my info is some
years out of date!)

If a would-be buyer won't agree to an escrow or direct wire transfer or some
other means your bank recommends, run away quickly!

Alan Myers
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I have an individual in Europe interested in purchasing my TR3.  What is
thecollective wisdom to make this transaction safe for both he & I?
Hisconcern of course is that the car is everything that I say it is in
appearance and mechanically.   I have sent many pictures and feel heis close
to making a decision but not 100% sure. Would love to hear from someone who
has BTDT. BTW, I would love for the car to stay in the US (hint, hint)

Bill Beecher
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