[TR] Gearbox Woes

John & Pat Donnelly pdonnel1 at san.rr.com
Mon Dec 2 20:01:21 MST 2013

Love my HVDA conversion. Clutch feels a little softer but not by much. I put
in Goodpart's Nissan differential too so the drive shaft is fixed and
doesn't slide, otherwise it's a bolt-in.


> My J-type in the TR6 is grinding above 4000 rpm in second and third.  I
> had the German syncros put in to fix the problem, but it didn't.  It is
> getting near impossible to find folks to rebuild without shipping.
> Considering the HVDA conversion with an 82-85 Celica gearbox.  My
> question is how satisfied are folks who have done this conversion and
> how is the pedal feel with the hydraulic throw-out bearing?
> Thanks,
> Jim Henningsen
> Ocala FL
> 62 TR4
> 75 TR6

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