[TR] Old TR6-TR4 top?

Bud R levilevi at comcast.net
Sat Apr 27 13:42:23 MDT 2013

Anyone replace their convertible top and have the old one they'd like  
to get rid of?

I'd like an old 4A white one ideally or a big piece of one since I  
have an old white top I'm working from. Black or tan would work if I  
can get two of them.

I'm making a cover to go over the MK IV when towing it and will  
hopefully snap a couple pieces together to make a full cover from the  
front cowling to the rear deck with snaps on the car and maybe some  
"tags" at both ends that would be held by the closed boot lid and  

Bud Rolofson

Extreme Parts Racing (more than just a haircut)
71 Spitfire MK IV Race Car #3
71TR6 CC57365 (Good 6)
93 Minnie Winnie Race Support Vehicle
77 Z-50A Hardly Davidson Honda Mini-Trail Bike (Triumph Pit Bike)

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