[TR] Moss "Classic Seat" for the TR6

spamiam at comcast.net spamiam at comcast.net
Mon Apr 22 10:33:29 MDT 2013

I have a TR4a with the stock seats.B  I find the lack of upper back support
tiring on drives longer than 45 minutes.B  I see that Moss-Europe has "Classic
Seats" with a headrest which fit the TR4a-TR6 range.B  They have "regular" and
"high back", and the difference looks to be maybe 2" in back height by
counting the pleats on the back.

Moss USA has a "Classic Seat" listed for the TR6 which is looks to be the same
as the Moss-Europe "classic seat", not the "high back" version.B  Has anyone
installed these seats?B  I f you are 6" to 6"-1 and are over 200 lb, how do
you find the fit regarding kidney support and height?

The cost of the high back seats, shipped from England looks like it will be
about $1550 including shipping.B  Do es anyone have a guess about the import
duty that will be charged?B  I assume it will be another $200 or so (price of
the s eats is #777).B  If these Moss-USA seats are the High back version, then
I would definitely get them from here.B  I find that some seats on new cars
hit my shoulder blades in just the wrong place and are quite uncomfortable, so
I probably need to have the "high back" version.

It would be nice to have the opportunity to sit in these sats before I buy,
but I bet there are few and far between.


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