[TR] Electric Fuel Pump Placement?

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Wed Apr 17 07:35:04 MDT 2013


I've had the same type of fuel pump on various TR3's and TR4's for over 50
years. Never had a failure, and, if I did, it's mounted right on the side of
the engine in plain view and can be reached with a 1/4" drive socket, not from
underneath the car, close to the gas tank, where I can't reach it, and can
only look at it while waiting for the recovery vehicle . It's very quiet and
does not vibrate; at least I cannot hear it above the normal engine and
exhaust noises. It requires no wiring or fuses: has no wiring connections that
can corrode, get oil soaked, catch fire, B or fall off. It has a glass bowl in
which to view the presence or absence of fuel; a built-in filter; and a
priming lever. If properly installed, it doesn't leak. It does not present an
additional fire hazard, requiring an inertia switch B in case of an accident,
because itB ceases to pump fuel B when the engine stops. It was made by AC of

Well, at least this series of email exchanges didn't call it an "upgrade"!

Ed Woods

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