[TR] overspray

Fisher, Ed edwd at ti.com
Wed Apr 17 06:23:47 MDT 2013


There are two ways that I have successfully removed overspray.  One is to
apply a product called Acryliclean, found at body shop supply stores.  It is
specifically made to remove greases, contaminants, and oversprays.  It is
virtually effortless.  A coat of wax will be required where the product was
wiped onto the surface(s).  The other method is to use a clay bar, wiped
gently onto the surface(s) using copious amounts of water to allow the clay to
glide.  You can usually find these at decent auto parts stores or online for
sure.  If the clay sticks you are either pressing too hard or you do not have
enough water as a lubricant.  The clay will pick up the overspray.  Periodic
kneading may be required depending on how large an area is affected, and a
coat of wax afterwards is recommended.  I use clay bars about once every 6
months to remove contaminants from tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, etc.
before polishing sequences to obtain show shines on the collectables.

I believe that you will find both methods far easier than you could have

All the best,

Ed Fisher
Dallas, Tx

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