[TR] TR6: Justin Wagner valve cover

ptegler ptegler at verizon.net
Tue Apr 16 16:12:19 MDT 2013

I have Justin's gaskets on a couple of my 6's  but I haven't seen his tuff 
around for over a year now.

Recently I stumbled upon another source making silicone gaskets for our 
LBC's (where he started) and now makes them for several other marquees
He's a Triumph guy at heart.... some of you might know him...Steve 
Downing?.... with the supercharged GT6?
I just put one on my TR7 and the fit and finish is perfect.
nfi  jasc

Paul Tegler
ptegler at verizon.net

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>I have been looking around to purchase Justin's valve cover for my TR6. It 
>seems like the only place to buy one
> is some place in England. Does anyone know if it can be purchased directly 
> from Justin, or maybe some other place locally in USA?
> Thanks,
> Jeff N.
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