[TR] Electric Fuel Pump Placement?

wbeech at flash.net wbeech at flash.net
Tue Apr 16 08:23:16 MDT 2013

Have decided that I am going to use an electric FP on the TR3B that is
currently under construction.  Right now, I have engine in frame and have
successfully had a couple of test starts using just the fuel in the float
bowls.  Next step is get the fuel lines installed back to where the tank
will someday be located. 
To that end, I was wondering that the collective wisdom is on the location
of an electric FP?
1. Engine compartment seem logical to me although just south of the tank
seems good too, if a bit out of the way.
2. Frame or Body mounting?
3. Firewall or inner fender?
4. Mount in former mechanical FP location?
5. Anyone able to hide the electric FP and route the line through the old
mechanical FP for authenticity?
6. Any other tips on usage or connections?
Any advice or cautions from you who have BTDT are greatly appreciated.
Bill Beecher
'58 TR3A TS/30766L "Tarbaby"
'62 TR3B TCF/2549L " Aunt B" (in rehab)
www.triumphowners.com/1566 <http://www.triumphowners.com/1566> 
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there"  Will Rodgers

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