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the one  thing i did find a little funy was the way the back end moved 
when  driving realativly staright if i drove over say a crack in the road  
back would kind of jump to one side..just a little. no big deal. is  that 
of normal in an IRS?
i think others have already posted a few of the many things that could  
cause that
At this stage in the life of these cars, I think its utterly invalid  to 
draw any conclusions about the differences between 2 models based on a  
comparison of only a few, or even several, examples of each.
Handling, and certainly power and torque, will vary widely between  
different cars within the same model as a result of differences between the  state 
of maintenance, tune, and upgrades on each  car.     
This seems to obvious to post, but there it is anyway.
Jack Mc

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