[TR] TR6 performance

Dave Massey dave1massey at cs.com
Mon Apr 15 13:05:26 MDT 2013

 There are a lot of little things that can cause this behaviour.  Worn
trailing arm bushings are one.  a sticky spline shaft can also cause the car
to behave like this.  Soft shocks, especially where one shock absorber is
softer than the one on the other side will also do this.  Alignment is also
critical on an IRS vehicle.  On the TR3 or any solid axle car the two tires
will be pointing in the same direction no matter what.  Not so with the TR6.
And since the camber changes with wheel movement any inconsistencies will
present themselves if the suspension is exercised.

But when it is set up properly the TR6 should behave quite predictably.  I've
done all that and my car has no tendency to sidestep on bumps.  But I have
poly bushings, telescopic shock conversion,  uprated springs and, most
importantly, a four wheel alignment.

A related aside, when I first got my car it had a terrible tendency to want to
sidestep on bumps.  When I did a major overhaul I found that a PO had
installed a RH trunnion and vertical link on the left side.  Collision repair
since there was a RH trunion and vertical on the right side as well.  Once I
sorted that out the car rode much better.  The four wheel alignment was also a
noticeable improvement.  But do everything else before you get the alignment
since changing bushings will throw the alignment out.

Dave Massey

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From: Frank Fisher <yellowtr3 at yahoo.com>

drove my friends TR6 the other day and gave it a bit of stick.
lots of fun. loved the car.
but i did not feel it was any great improvement over my TR3.
the one thing i did find a little funy was the way the back end moved around.
when driving realativly staright if i drove over say a crack in the road the
back would kind of jump to one side..just a little. no big deal. is that kind
of normal in an IRS?


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