[TR] TR6 performance

Bob Labuz yellowtr at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 15 12:55:28 MDT 2013


I have to agree on the performance. Both my 3 and 4 seem to have a bit 
more between 2 and 3k than the 6. The 6 doesnt seem to get it on until 
about 3200 or so.

The 3 is an 87MM engine. Both the 4 and 6 are stock.

I use the same gas (premium without alcohol). All have Bell exhaust 
systems, SU carbs, stock ignition.

As far as the hop in the 6, I have never noticed it. Did your 6 have a 
stock rear suspension?

It does squat a bit on hard acceleration.

As far as light rear ends, my 63 4 seems to be the lightest.

On 04/15/2013 02:27 PM, Frank Fisher wrote:
> drove my friends TR6 the other day and gave it a bit of stick.
> lots of fun. loved the car.
> but i did not feel it was any great improvement over my TR3.
> the one thing i did find a little funy was the way the back end moved around.
> when driving realativly staright if i drove over say a crack in the road the
> back would kind of jump to one side..just a little. no big deal. is that kind
> of normal in an IRS?
> Frank

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