[TR] TR6 Accelerator shaft bushings

Dennis Culligan dctr6 at optonline.net
Mon Apr 15 10:02:47 MDT 2013

After having my accelerator stick (why does it always stick ON and not
OFF?), it appears I may need to replace the accelerator shaft bushings on my
TR6 (all other parts of the carb linkages are new and/or not sticking or
hanging up) .  I have looked at both the MOSS catalog (part # 676-000 along
with the Supplemental Info and Instructions) and the TRF website (parts #
138490 (nylon) and 138490/U (urethane)).  I also have a copy of the article
"Fabricating East-to-Install Accelerator Shaft Bearings" from the Buckeye
Triumphs site.  I have a pretty good idea how difficult these
bearings/bushings will be to install especially since the engine is in the
car and it's not coming out.  My questions are: Can I presume that at almost
3x the price of the nylon bushing, the TRF urethane bushing will last 3x as
long?  Will the Urethane bushing be even more difficult to install? If I
know a machinist that can fabricate the parts, is brass the best way to go?
Any other bright ideas?  I do NOT want to have to do this again.  Thanks for
your insight and any help you can provide.

Dennis Culligan. Highland, NY / 1976 TR6 CF57948U (with a new windshield ("I
can see clearly now.")) 

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