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Not from a 3B but a very late 3A...

Markings as original: 



I masked off the lettering when I painted the engine and then repainted them
trying somewhat successfully to match the brush strokes.  



I have seen one other '3 engine painted red.  According to the owner it had
a different numbering code that indicated it was factory rebuilt.  I can't
remember for sure what was different about the engine number.



1961 Triumph TR3A - TS81802LO

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You do have an appreciably better car to start from than the usual, it


Question to the list:  Weren't the original engines painted black with, I
forget, some kind of number 3 or something painted in a different color


Anyway, does the color of the engine paint suggest it's been rebuilt at one


Terry Smith, '59 TR3A

New Hampshire...Where I drove twice to work and back, and on the way home
Friday, the top was down!


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