[TR] Routing path for Speedo cable on TR4A

Dave Connitt dconnitt at fuse.net
Sun Apr 7 07:40:40 MDT 2013

I have another routing question.
Last night when I was getting things ready to mount the transmission tunnel, I
noticed the speedometer drive fitting on the transmission and thought it would
be smart to run that cable before I installed the transmission tunnel.
Can anyone help me with that? I am thinking it comes up the inside of the
tunnel and then double backs into one of the holes in the firewall. Also,
looking at the firewall, driver side from the engine compartment I have three
holes that are about 3/4-1 inch in diameter. I think the windshield wiper
wires go in the right hand one, tach cable in the center one and the
speedometer cable in the left? Is that correct?
Dave Connitt
'67 TR4A IRS

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