[TR] The good, the bad, the ??

Dave Massey dave1massey at cs.com
Fri Apr 5 06:22:19 MDT 2013

 My TR3 is still all as it was.  That is the whole point of a car that old.
If I wanted something more modern I would get a TR6 and install an electric
fuel pump, and electric fan, electronic ignition and a gear reduction starter.
Actually, I've done all that.  The point is there is room in my garage for
both and there is room on the internet for both forums and this list.

Dave Massey

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From: Don Hiscock <don.hiscock at gmail.com>

"If it ain't broke..."

So all you guys with gear reduction starters, with aluminum radiators, with
thermostatically-controlled electric fans, with five-speed gearbox
upgrades, with rear main seal replacements, with radial tires.  You all
replaced those because the originals were broken?  None of those were
upgrades because better technology was available?

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