[TR] The good, the bad, the ??

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Apr 5 00:41:31 MDT 2013

> Don't 
> have much experience with forums, aren't they basically 
> "pull" technology - you have to go there and see what's new? 

All of the forums that I visit offer some sort of "push" option.  Most you
can configure to deliver an email with the contents of either the first post
in a new thread, or each post in the thread.  Some also offer 'digest' mode.

The Stag forum even has an email list more-or-less integrated with it.  It
used to work quite well, but then one admin got tired of it and somehow it
was never quite the same under the new admin.

Which is one of the things I really like about Mark's lists; they always
work the same.  Don't have to keep re-learning where the knobs are and what
they do.  Kind of like the old Chrysler "push button" transmissions, which
were great transmissions (for their day) but if you learned to drive with
one and then got in a car with a regular PRNDL, you could be left wondering
how to push the 'Drive' button.


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