[TR] Goodparts adjustable brackets - question

Jack Mc McGaheyRx at aol.com
Wed Apr 3 19:40:38 MDT 2013

They are a great product - well made, absolutely will hold their position -
but they are not a substitute for shims behind the brackets for toe adjustment
- if you needed those before, you will still need them - the adjustable
brackets allow for precise camber adjustment

Jack Mc

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On Apr 3, 2013, at 7:54 PM, Mark Hooper <mhooper at indiefilmnet.com> wrote:

> I've been considering the adjustable trailing arm brackets sold by
> for my 72 TR6. They should allow me to get things lined up without crazy
> shimming. During the frame repairs I did about 20 years ago I replaced the
> rear and bottom sides of the trailing arm frame sections with lengths of 3"
> angle iron. (I seem to recall shouting at the sky "Rust that you son of a
> b...!") Anyway, the right side camber is a bit off on one side and the tire
> seems to be farther out than on the left. I'd thought I might have the body
> the frame a bit off, but things seem OK. Thus, the adjustable brackets look
> like a good idea.
> Can anybody opine on their experiences with this mod? Do they stay in
> position? Solidly made etc?
> Mark Hooper
> 1972 TR6
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