[TR] 3 point belts in a TR4A

Brian Thomas thomasb at queensu.ca
Mon Apr 1 12:37:23 MDT 2013

Hi guys,

When I restored the '67 TR4A in the mid 90's, I wanted to replace the clapped
out lap belts with a 3 point setup.  At that time not much was available, so I
went to a wrecking yard and got a 3 point set out of a Toyota.  I even got a
good match to my light tan interior.  However, these belts do not have inertia
reels and consequently wind up closing in door frames, etc.

I decided to go with a set of 3 point inertia reel belts offered by TRF for
the TR6.

Now the belts have arrived, I can't figure out where the inertia reel is
supposed to mount.  If you have reels with a stock TR6 setup, can you explain
where these attach?  My TR4A, which is very late (CTC78390L),  has factory
mounting positions on the floor (2 per side) and the top of the rear wheel
wells, so the other attachment points are obvious.


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