[TR] GT6 overdrive shifter length?

v6spitfireguy at cox.net v6spitfireguy at cox.net
Mon Apr 1 10:22:18 MDT 2013

Years ago, when I made a shift lever to install on the overdrive conversion
for my 70 GT6, I fashioned it after a standard length shift lever.  Over
the years I discovered that the overdrive lever is really slightly shorter
in length than a standard lever.
I have tried to find one, but they seem to be made of UN-obtainaium!!
I am considering re-making the lever, but would like to get the proper
length of the overdrive lever as fitted to  the GT6.
(yeah I know that the 70 should have a column lever operated OD, But I like
the shift lever mounted one better)
Anyway, does anyone have a GT6 with shift lever mounted switch, that could
measure the lever (from the end of the bend to the knob where it is screwed
on as fitted would be fine)  I can add the length of the knob to get
overall length.
In other words, the straight section just after the bend, to where the knob
is fitted, (or to the end of the actual lever if the know id not fitted)


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