[TR] Internal Bonnet Release System for TR3/A/B?

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun Dec 23 16:28:24 MST 2012

> Really, I was just looking for a bonnet 
> release system that  might be similar to what was found on 
> the TR2 & TR4.

That was kind of my point, the TR4 bonnet opens back to front, which allows
the use of a less reliable catch.  My Stag uses the same catch, and I can't
count how many times it has popped open while traveling down the road.  No
way would I want that on a bonnet that opens front to back, as the edge of
the bonnet will catch the air stream and very likely throw it into the
windscreen (and possibly my head).

-- Randall 

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