[TR] Tail weight

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun Dec 16 11:21:32 MST 2012

> Apparently not. My damper came off a TR4A with an OD transmission.

And mine from an earlier TR4 with OD.  The OD was the main reason I bought
the car, the rest of it eventually went to the crusher.

FWIW, my TR4 SPC (both 1st & 2nd edition) lists 132604 "weight and bush
assembly, vibration damper" as fitted from gearbox CT17815 up to CT35719

And while it is always dangerous to disagree with Hardy, both the TR4 and
TR4A SPC list 132951 as a "strap, anti-vibration" with the 4A SPC (1st
edition) noting "Gearbox extension to top cover".  

-- Randall 

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