[TR] tr-3 w/s washers?

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Dec 14 08:07:59 MST 2012

> The spay nozzles were fitted to all TR3's shipped into North 
> America (I don't know about other markets).

No idea why, but TS13571L lacks the holes and any indication they used to be
there.  TS39781LO appeared to have been originally fitted with the washers,
although the bottle and most of the tubing was missing by the time it came
to me.

> Since every TR came with the spay nozzles 
> no one sells them that I am aware of.

Moss has them listed, P/N 802-805.  But I might try to locate some originals
anyway, since they seem to have been very well chromed and I've had trouble
with chrome on replacement parts.

-- Randall 

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