[TR] Read drivers lever shock (damper)

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Tue May 31 08:15:40 MDT 2011

On my early TR4, I used socket-head cap screws and Nyloc nuts.  No problems ever again.  Ran the car in autocrosses and road for ten years.  Never had to retighten.

Same diameter bolt as original.  Length can be determined by measuring the old bolt.  If that one did not have enough length to support a Nyloc, add a half inch.

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> Subject: [TR] Read drivers lever shock (damper)
> 1972 Triumph TR6, up on ramps this weekend.  The two bolts holding the
> lever shock to the body were loose.  Tightened, other side fine.
> I see on the archive someone suggesting longer bolts and a nyloc bolt
> on the other side.  
> I used a 5/8th socket, what size bolt, what length bolt, and nyloc
> should I get?
> Thanks and Happy Memorial Day to the list.
> Craig

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