[TR] TR2/3 fuel shut-off valve.

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu May 26 11:50:06 MDT 2011

Hi Angelo, welcome back.

I believe TRF offers a proper cork seal, likely others do as well.  I did as
you suggest and cut one from a length of "rubber" fuel line many years ago.
It was tricky getting it adjusted just right, there was very little change
in adjustment between "too stiff to move" and "leaking".  But once I found
the right adjustment, it worked very well for many years.  ISTR I adjusted
it once more after about 10 years of service, as it was weeping just a bit.
After the 3A got wrecked, I moved the entire valve to the TR3, where it is
still working fine today.

While there are alternatives, I like having the shutoff valve, mostly to
stop fuel from flowing out while I clean the sediment bowl.

-- Randall 

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