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Tue May 24 11:08:14 MDT 2011

I just sent this as RTF - so it may not make it through the filters......  resending in plain text.  sorry

As I said in my earlier emails - I thought I had ordered all at the same time.  what I thought were the kits were left over (non-matching) pieces from other projects.  I tried all of the usual suspects to match that seat/trim kit - to no avail.   I did receive another possibility for sample/color matching yesterday but until I get some resolution with this particular supplier I am just frustrated and 'flapping in the wind'.   
I did talk with the owner as well as the shop manager - they know of my frustration and say that they understand.  It just 'takes time to get it right'.   For that reason I am not going to pull the plug on this effort - at least not yet. 
To some degree, since it is the cappings and dash, if they aren't 100% perfect (but reasonably close - i.e. same graining/slightly different color), there will be enough of a separation and consistency (all of the cappings & dash) that it won't be discernable to most.  

Thanks to all that did respond 
It is great having the list back and operational.  I was beginning to go through withdrawal...

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