[TR] TR6 Rear End Clunk

Keith Stewart keithstewart at execulink.com
Mon May 23 15:49:54 MDT 2011

A little help from TR6 owners please. I have a TR3 and a TR4 but lately have been looking to purchase a TR6. I recently looked at one quite a distance from where I live but have a concern about a clunk in the rear. When both I and the owner drove it, there was a mild clunk coming from the rear when engaging the clutch from a standstill and when I drove it, sometimes when shifting gears just before engaging the next gear. It seemed similar to what I have experienced when one of my cars needed a new universal joint. The owner indicated that he understood from other TR6 owners that "...that was the way TR6s were". He tells me the universal joints and the differential mounts were replaced . From what I have read, this might relate to worn diff mounts that lead to cracks in the frame where they mount. Since the diff mounts were replaced, it shouldn't be worn diff joints. What is the wisdom of the list relative to this rear-end clunk?

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