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Mon May 23 06:20:36 MDT 2011

I was thinking, the rim I bought (either TRF or Moss, not sure) has the 
lower tab riveted on towards the rear of the rim, I know Moss sells the 
"tab" separate. Maybe drilling out the old tab and riveting in more towards 
the front of the rim might compensate...then a little fine tuning with the 
adjuster screws might help...I'm going to try on a spare and to see and will 
keep you posted. Thanks Scott


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I have run into the exact same problem with my headlight. I have tried 
everything and have not been able to get it to fit. I have an original 
bucket on the other side it it fits fine. So, I have located a spare 
original bucket and just got the adjuster screw replacements and the clip 
and will see if this resolves the issue. I did measure the diameter of the 
original bucket compared to the repro and the repro is a 1/16" wider, which 
could be the problem. We'll see.

Scott Suring
Mechanicsburg, PA
'70 TR6
'59 TR3A
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Just got my TR3 back from paint last week and have begun trying to remember 
where everything goes... Making pretty good progress, but have a few 

I have the original 2 adjuster buckets on my headlights but bought new inner 
retainers and the outer retainers as well as new rims, I'm using the PL700s 
also. When I snap the trim ring in place the top and sides fit nice, however 
there's maybe a 1/2" - 3/4" gap at the bottom, any ideas for a flush fit?

Also I purchased a repro control head from TRF and its for a non-adjustable 
wheel/column, I have a split column. When I got the car back the key (slot) 
in the stator that lines up with the control head is at about 11:00 and not 
straight up, so when I snug it down, the "off" blinker position is now at 

The other problem, and this may be a bad part, is that there is probably a 
3/8" gap between the wheel and the control head that looks real bad, the 
plate on the control head is resting against the 3 stops on the wheel as its 
supposed and the set screws secure it fine...is that typical of these after 


Dave Willner
Stroudsburg PA
59 TR3A
70 MGB
70 BSA 441 VS

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