[TR] Headlight/Control Head questions - TR3A

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun May 22 15:41:22 MDT 2011

> I have the original 2 adjuster buckets on my headlights but 
> bought new inner retainers and the outer retainers as well as 
> new rims, I'm using the PL700s also. When I snap the trim 
> ring in place the top and sides fit nice, however there's 
> maybe a 1/2" - 3/4" gap at the bottom, any ideas for a flush fit?

Sounds like you aren't getting the tab at the bottom pushed into it's clip.
On my 3A, I found that I had to use a thin piece of metal to slide between
the rim and headlight, to push directly on the tab.  Otherwise it bends
instead of going into the clip.

> When I 
> got the car back the key (slot) in the stator that lines up 
> with the control head is at about 11:00 and not straight up, 
> so when I snug it down, the "off" blinker position is now at 11:00.

You need to loosen the 'gland' nut on the front of the steering box, turn
the stator tube to the correct position, and retighten the nut.

Sorry, no idea about the gap.  Could you rebuilt your original head, using
the new plastic from the repro ?

-- Randall  

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