[TR] Purely Subjective Question re. TR3A Valve Settings

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu May 12 10:42:30 MDT 2011

> Just curious if anyone cares to venture: what would be the 
> loss of power due to poor breathing, if one (omigoodness, not 
> me, no--not me!) were to, say, adjust the valves 
> properly...well, except when the engine had not yet cooled 
> more than halfway. 

IMO, you're not likely to notice the difference, except for maybe a bit more
valve noise.  As someone already mentioned, you might wind up a few
thousandths too loose, which will have little or no effect on performance
(assuming a stock camshaft).

But I suspect that "halfway" cooled is cool enough.  By then all the
components should be close to the same temperature, meaning the expansion in
the head and block will just about match that of the valve train components.

-- Randall  

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