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I broke a stud last year, put a nice dimple on the bonnet, and all the
recommendations that came to me were for the ARP studs.  Bought a set for
about $100US on eBay and they installed perfectly with no issues.  Have only
had the chance to drive a few miles this year so I cannot speak to long-term
use but only that these seem to be the preferred product for the
high-performance guys and the cost was less than the regular suppliers.

Regarding the corrosion issue, I would probably give the Moss, UK folks a
ring and see what they say.

BTW, it does not appear for it to be uncommon for some coolant to get into
the stud holes whilst removing the head, I too had this but no signs of
leaking since.

All the best,

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With the TR2 engine out and head off, I decided to remove one of the studs
where I had seen water bubbling up while the engine was running, I
discovered water/liquid in the bottom of the stud hole, removed them all and
the same in all. Cleaned them out copper grease on the thread and put them
back, I guess it is OK to use copper grease here? The worrying issue is the
amount of corrosion on two of the studs, at the top of the thread (block
end) These are new studs from Moss UK, and remembering this engine has not
run more than a mile and some stationary running in the garage. This is
clearly a quality issue, not for the first time when buying from the "big
boys". Can anybody tell me where I might buy some GOOD QUALITY studs.
1954 TR2
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