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Not sure if this will help but I have the formula used on my '56 TR3 almost 
20 years ago.  The shop had original paint chips used on LBCs and I had them 
match the one that was used in the 50s.  I love the color, but can't say if 
it is the exact one you want.  The paint was R-M Diamond by BASF and was 
system 88something.  The name is covered by the paint.  Here is the formula 
they wrote on the label for me for a gallon:

BR50    311.2
500       1694.5
605    2611.3
200    3187.0
405    3406.1
640    3524.1

I need to repaint the car in the near future and will also be looking for a 
modern code.
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> In response to the various paint codes for BRG from the recent posts, I 
> took
> half a dozen codes into the local paint shop.  They could not seem to 
> translate
> those codes into usable information to come up with samples for me.  They 
> did
> get me two color samples which I can use which will be helpful.
> I also had a question about the Jag codes which consisted of various HEN 
> ect.
> ect. ect letters.  Does one go to a jaguar paint book and then look for 
> the H
> appelations?  The paint vendor also suggested that various codes get 
> outdated
> over the years.  I ended up very confused after visiting with them.LOL 
> (which
> isn't difficult to do!)
> gary n.
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