[TR] paint codes

Gary Nafziger nafzigerg at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 10:16:22 MDT 2011

In response to the various paint codes for BRG from the recent posts, I took 
half a dozen codes into the local paint shop.  They could not seem to translate 
those codes into usable information to come up with samples for me.  They did 
get me two color samples which I can use which will be helpful.
I also had a question about the Jag codes which consisted of various HEN  ect. 
ect. ect letters.  Does one go to a jaguar paint book and then look for the H 
appelations?  The paint vendor also suggested that various codes get outdated 
over the years.  I ended up very confused after visiting with them.LOL  (which 
isn't difficult to do!)

gary n.

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