[TR] My TR250 is Done

TR250Driver at aol.com TR250Driver at aol.com
Wed May 4 18:44:48 MDT 2011

Hey Guys,
Sing Hallelujah! My 250 is done!   I am not ashamed to say that I  simply 
wrote the checks this time to have Mark and his Dad, Terry of Classic  
Restoration in Warren, Ohio restore it for a second time to as  original. 
I have for sure been over every part of this car personally so I have done  
my part previously. I wore it out the first time and with any luck I will 
live  long enough to wear it out a second time.  According to Mark:
"Car looks great! I took it out on SAT and put about 20 miles on the clock  
and I think it runs and drives absolutely perfect. A true joy to drive."
Life is Good,

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